About Fine Art


Great Britain Graphics sells genuine fine art etchings and engravings from the world’s largest and most respected collection. These historic works of art are the same authentic, hand made images that you would find in the finest homes and galleries around the world. And the collection of more than 5,000 images is available directly to you.

These are not the mass produced images labeled "Prints" that you might find at shops or art shows, priced far less. Those images are generally only photos, a poster of the work of art. They are not genuine works of art.

By contrast, as a representative of the Thomas Ross Collection, Great Britain Graphics is proud to offer a collection of images that date back several hundred years. In the nearly 300 years of its existence, the firm of Thomas Ross has collected over 10,000 engraved or etched copper plates which it continues to print by hand in the time honored tradition.


The print making techniques that encompass engraving and etching:

  • First these copper plates are coated with ink that has been carefully mixed to a proper viscosity to suit each particular plate, and then hand wiped to prepare them for printing.

  • Special dampened paper is placed upon the inked plate and both plate and paper are wound through a hand-operated rolling-press. The force applied causes the paper to be pressed into the crevices of the copper plate so that when paper and plate are carefully separated, the paper can draw out the ink contained there. Once the inked paper dries, the ink can be felt as slightly embossed lines above the paper’s surface…a feature of the intaglio process which produces a satisfying richness and depth of tone unique in the world of fine art printing.

  • A defining feature of the genuine engraving or etching is the "plate mark." This indentation around the image is left by the outer edge of the copper plate as it moves through the press.

  • The engraved or etched image is then carefully hand colored in a manner sympathetic to, and working with, its printed detail. The watercolorist uses methods and patterns handed down from generation to generation and employs only the finest water color pigments to assure the purity and permanence of color appropriate to this form of art. The result is among the world’s finest etchings or engravings—created one at a time, completely by hand.  The diversity of the collection is remarkable—classic hunting prints to art deco …landscapes and portraits to architectural studies ...animals ranging  from Jack Russell terriers to large jungle cats … over 5,000 images from world renowned artists.

Great Britain Graphics is proud to represent the Thomas Ross Collection.  These etchings and engravings are a living treasure of classic British fine art—all available directly to you.

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